It’s another cold month, and many of us are facing the dreaded “common cold”.  It is said that over 1 billion Americans catch the cold every year, making this the most infectious disease in the United States.

Many of us struggle with how to stay away from it, but first we must understand what the common cold really is.  A cold is actually a virus, not a bacteria, that can attack the body when the immune system is low or stressed.  Cold viruses can live on pens, computer keyboards, door handles and other objects for several hours after exposure, so it is important to have our immune system working at its best.  Just because we are exposed to the virus doesn’t mean we will automatically get it, we just have to make sure we keep our immune system healthy so our bodies can fight it off naturally.  Unfortunately, antibiotics aren’t able to combat a virus, and they leave your immune system even more susceptible to other complications!

So how, you may ask, do we protect ourselves from the common cold?  Here are a few easy things to do: Eat healthier and avoid eating sugars and grains.  Too much sugar will depress the immune system and make it harder to fight off colds.  It is also important to keep our stress levels to a minimum when dealing with a cold, take time to let the mind and body rest.  Get sufficient sleep, as it is during this time that your body can make up for all the expended energy of the day.  Supplement appropriately with a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.  This will help boost your immune system, especially in the winter, when exposure to natural Vitamin D (sun) is reduced.  Most importantly make sure you have a well functioning nervous system and that your body is under low physical stress.  The nervous system controls all major functions in the body (like the immune system) and having it checked by a local Chiropractor can help improve your body’s functions , keep you healthy and pain free.

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Dr.Kevin Haselhorst ,  Dr.Meggen Briscoe & Milestone Chiropractic Centre

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