If you are anything like me, the last thing I was thinking about when preparing for the baby was myself, what a huge mistake. A comfortable and well fitting bra will make breastfeeding that much easier and you’re much more likely to stick with it if you feel good about yourself. You’re one heck of an important part in getting your baby the nutrients they need so don’t skimp on yourself!

For the last few weeks of pregnancy and first few weeks postpartum, I recommend a wire-free comfortable bra such as the Cake Cotton Candy, Rock Candy or the Bella Materna Anytime Bra. You want to be as comfortable as possible while your milk is coming in and your bra size is varying. All of these bras can grow (or shrink) with you. On that same note, I do not recommend getting fitted for a nursing bra while you are still pregnant; your cup size will change (I’m not sure who these people are that say it doesn’t) so, I recommend getting a bra that is adjustable.

The key to the first month is establishing your milk supply and making breastfeeding as easy as possible (easier said than done). After your milk has become established and you get into a feeding routine, you can get measured to find a good fitting bra. At this time, most Moms want a quality bra that they can wear out of the house and that still makes them feel good. A great nursing bra will be comfortable, supportive and will give you a good shape. You should always try on different styles in order to ensure that you are selecting the best bra for your lifestyle.  Remember that your cup size will change throughout the day, being the largest in the morning, so keep that in mind when you get fitted. A great thing about quality, nursing bras is that they have around 6 hooks to ensure a good band fit even while you are shrinking in size, one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately, bras like clothes vary brand by brand so make sure to try them on to find your correct bra size before purchasing.

Untitled designThis post was contributed by Concetta Aires, owner of Well Dressed Mamma and Mom to her (almost) one year old daughter, Kennedy. Well Dressed Mamma is an in-home nursing boutique that allows you to be fitted for and purchase nursing bras in the comfort of your own home. They carry nursing bras, tank tops, pajamas, nursing pads, nipple cream, pumping bras, cookies and other items to set you up for a successful nursing experience. Our in-home nursing bra fittings are complimentary and are available seven days a week.