Beverley’s Stories

Birth story #1

We were excited and quite naive about birth. I woke about 3am one morning with vague back ache. I couldn’t get back to sleep and as I could now feel it in my stomach thought maybe I had a tummy bug. Not realizing diarrhea at 39 weeks could indicate labour, I began to notice a pattern….that didn’t go away, but it did get worse occasionally. Maybe this is labour!!? We called the Dr and given that we had a one hour drive in good traffic and it was now rush hour, we decided to drive into DC. I have no memory of my dilation, but we were sent out to wander around as there wasn’t much going on and the drive made it not worthwhile to return home. Eventually, we went back and were admitted. Nothing much changed, they turned the lights down low, kept me on a monitor and left us alone. I told my husband don’t you dare touch me!! I got to 6 cm. They decided an epidural and breaking of waters was a good plan. It was about 10pm. Once the epi was in place they broke my bag and discovered meconium, and a baby butt. So I was sent off for a c section.