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Hello, friends! My name is Mary Murphy and I am a wife and mother to two sweet boys and recently became a consultant with LuLaRoe! Perhaps some of you have heard of it, or maybe you even have some of their clothing and are already familiar with the fun and funky styles and patterns. Two weeks ago I put together a photo shoot with my sister-in-law (Rachel Bridgwood of Sweet Root Village) to show how functional LLR can be for both pregnant and nursing mamas! Being a current nursing mother myself, I am always on the lookout for articles of clothing that will stand the test of time and space. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I mean 😉 One friend said it best:                 

“These clothes could fit me before, during and after pregnancy and still look great.”


Above, a 7 months pregnant Lauren wears a comfortable over-sized Irma paired with a Cassie skirt. The Irma is typically long enough to go down over the bum, but here Lauren has it scrunched up to show off her bump and the Cassie.

Below Lauren wears a Julia dress. This dress is great because it has enough stretch to fit over an adorable growing bump, while still maintaining a great shape and not being too over-sized. Such a beautiful mama!



Here Lauren shows off another Irma, this time extended to its full length and paired with a fun patterned pair of our “buttery-soft” leggings.


Above Lauren wears another cute Irma, knotted at the side to be more fitted, and over the Maxi skirt. The Maxi is especially versatile and functional for a growing belly – it can be worn as a skirt or a dress!


Here the lovely Elisa is nursing her sweet third son, Fielding. Elisa wears a pair of our leggings with a Perfect T on top. The T has slits on the sides and is loose enough to be able to pull up for quick and easy access to food for your babe.


Looking confident and gorgeous in her Lula…. 3 babies later, too!


How sweet!!


Our next beautiful mama is Johanna, nursing her sweet boy Micah. Johanna wears a Classic T and a Cassie skirt. The Cassie is great to wear high-waisted so when you go to pull up your shirt to nurse, your tummy won’t be exposed.


Another great nursing outfit is the Maxi skirt with a Classic T. Comfortable and pretty, with quick and easy access.


As mothers, comfortable and easy clothing is a must. Here Johanna is wearing an Irma top with a pair of leggings.


Such a love!


Here I am showing that you don’t always have to be in head to toe LuLa – the pieces work just as well paired with your own clothing. I am wearing an Irma paired with my favorite jeans. This Irma happens to also be made with the buttery-soft legging material – so comfy!


My little Luke love, after just conveniently nursing him in a Classic T.


These are just a handful of the various styles available with LuLaRoe! I am so excited to be on this  journey of helping others to look and feel beautiful. As a mother with an ever-changing body, this is so important! Grace to you on this wild, wonderful journey of motherhood. My hope is that you not only feel beautiful in your own skin, but also realize the immense value of your role as mommy. <3

If you’d like to browse Mary’s ever-changing collection of beautiful Lularoe pieces, head over to her Facebook Group (you can purchase there as well).
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