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My name is Kristi Rickard, and I have just jumped into this field after being a childbirth educator for the past five years with The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. I recently completed my course with the International Doula Institute. As a birth educator, I received the privilege of assisting two mothers during their labors and realized I wanted to continue in this amazing work! I have the personal experience of birthing my own two children naturally – my son in a hospital and my daughter at home – and learned so much from their births. I feel mothers should not be left alone during their births, that they are strengthened by the love from support persons surrounding them. This is why i chose A Three Cord Birth as the name of this business. Initially used to represent the bonds between a husband, wife, and God, (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) I felt it was appropriate for birth as well. When a laboring mother is working together with her baby, and has the support of a doula, the birth experience is strengthened and the bonds of the three cannot be easily broken, either by undesired and unsupportive persons around her, or unnecessary interventions and medications. If the husband is present as a third cord, the doula then steps back, and strengthens the family to enable their success in labor and delivery. In this way, with the help of a doula, the mother and baby, (and father too) can enjoy the crucial moments of bonding right after the birth as they meet each other for the very first time!