Detailed Information

As a Board Certified Professional Midwife it means I need to be “with woman” so, that is what I do. I am with women in all phases of their reproductive life; from fertility help, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. My practice as a CPM is a natural part of my practice as a Traditional Naturopath. I provide complete care for a mother who desires to birth her baby outside of a hospital; usually this is her own home. I also provide complementary care for the mother who desires to birth her baby in a hospital setting. In this case I would provide prenatal care and doula services if she so desired. The beauty of this service is that the mother can choose how much she needs me. Typically, I begin services with a mother at the end of her first trimester when she comes to my office for her intial visit. My midwifery care includes all of the prenatal visits, the birth, and 3 postpartum visits through the baby’s first six weeks of life. For those who are interested, I will provide naturopathic consultations even longer.