Detailed Information

Our Services:

– Certified Placenta Encapsulation (24/7 Pick-Up)

– Labor/ Birth Doula Support

– Postpartum Specialists (Newborn Care Specialists, Overnight Nanny, Baby Nurse, Postpartum Doula)

– Lactation Specialists

– Newborn, Maternity, & Birth Photography

– Childbirth Classes

– Massage Therapy

NOVA Birth Partners is a concierge birth + postpartum support practice. We believe evidence-based education coupled with phenomenal support significantly reduces the possibility of birth trauma and can lower the rate of cesarean sections, thus increasing access to safe, positive outcomes for birthing families. There are tangible, factual statistics pointing to the correlation between adequate support and better birth and postpartum outcomes. We have very experienced providers capable of helping you settle in comfortably with your new baby.

We share our expert knowledge, compassionate care, and local resources, so that you can make informed, empowered choices about what’s best for your family.

We are comfortable and familiar with many types of families including those with fertility issues, surrogates, or those with same-sex parents. We happily serve clients who choose medicated and unmedicated birth, Cesarean sections, VBAC clients, homebirth, hospital birth, or birth at a birth center and more!

Serving from Baltimore, MD to Richmond, VA, including Washington, D.C., Frederick, MD and more!