Joy’s Birth Stories


I have had the privilege of birthing three beautiful children into this world. No two births were exactly the same, but they were all relatively easy and all natural. The first two were born in Maine. My firstborn, Abby, was b
orn a week late. I was at the hospital to be induced but she started coming on her own. I was a little scared being that it was my first one and I had never experienced the pains of birth. But, I kept telling myself that every other person in the world was born from a Mom and if they can do it, I can too. I remember leaning on walls and a birthing ball trying to get comfortable…but my favorite place was just sitting on the toilet. 🙂 Tried the jacuzzi tub, but didn’t like it. My water broke while walking around the room. Shortly after, I was pushing her out on the hospital bed. She popped out like a cork. I tore a lot…but, I really couldn’t tell…I was just so happy to have her out and in my arms. I had quite the audience of nurses and interns. Everyone seemed impressed that I had just given birth without drugs and without making a sound. Oh, except for apologizing to the doctor while pushing because a little poo came out…that was so embarassing! But, it was all worth it. I actually fainted for the first time in my life when standing up to use the restroom after delivering. But, all was well soon after.


My second was quite a different experience! It was a cold, December night in Maine and we were in the middle of a horrible ice storm that was taking down trees and knocking out power lines all around us. I woke up wondering if I was having contractions, but wasn’t really sure because they weren’t painful at all. Streets were shut down everywhere, but I made it to the doctor in the afternoon and they said…”You are five cm dialated and should go to the hospital any time now.” So, we dropped off my 3 year old at the grandparents and went in. Hadn’t showered that day because we had no electricity and no hot water. So, the first thing I did when we got to the hospital was take a shower so I could shave my legs. Didn’t want the doctor to see my stubble. 🙂 About an hour later, the doctor came in and broke my water to speed things up a bit. Two hours of contracting to the sound of soft piano music later, my second daughter was born. I was so thankful for the heat and hot meals at the hospital as the power was out at home for 3 days. At my checkup following the birth, my doctor said, “You were made to have babies.” 🙂


My third was the most different, maybe because I was having a boy this time. We had just moved to VA the month before his birth. So, I had a new doctor and a new hospital, Mary Washington. I remember being so uncomfortable at nights…we had bought a new bed when we moved…not a good idea. I woke up at 1:30am to my water breaking in bed. Thankfully, we were with my parents so the girls could stay in their beds while Jason and I ventured to the hospital. We arrived to find the door locked. We had not taken a tour…so we didn’t even know where the birthing area was. We buzzed to be let in…meanwhile while I’m leaking all over the place. The place seemed deserted…but we found a janitor in the hall who told us where to go. I really liked the nurses that helped us once we got to the right place. They kept asking questions while I was having contractions…I answered with a smile, which they were amazed that I could be smiling while having contractions without drugs. I was just trying to be polite. I was silently wishing I could birth without company…but the nurses were needed and appreciated. This birth was a bit scarier than the first two because during most contractions, my son’s heart rate would drop. So, the doctor rushed to clip (without discussing it with me) some kind of monitor on my baby’s head. It was a nuisance, since I kept having to relieve myself of all the water I was drinking. 🙂 So…contractions progressed and finally my doctor said to just try pushing. She said sometimes with the third one we lose the feeling of having to push. So, that was weird and didn’t feel natural…but out he came. The cord was tied in a knot which could’ve had something to do with his heart rate continually dropping. He was adorable and a great little nurser. Still is…2 ½ years later. 😐 Thankful to have my husband by my side at all three births! One helpful thing I learned was breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Great way to relax.

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